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These samples are not full courses but screenshots and videos highlighting some of my favorite projects. All work has been edited to remove proprietary information.

Identifying and Overcoming Objections

Developed using Articulate this eLearning was designed for the Sales department as the industry moved from a refinance to a purchase market. The course taps into the competitive nature of the sales person as they prepare and complete a mud run. They must define and identify emotional responses and objections then apply the QUIET method for overcoming objections.  

Systems Overview

Developed using Articulate this course was designed to introduce a reporting system to new clients.  The narrator takes the learner on a ride to navigate the new system. While cruising the narrator shifts gears to move through the directories and reporting.

Mortgage Insurance Essentials

Developed using Articulate this course was designed for the new hire curriculum for all operations roles. The course opens with a flash video created by a developer then the learner meets Josh, a first time homebuyer, talking to a Loan Officer. The course uses their conversation to explain what Mortgage Insurance is, when it is required, and how it can be removed. The course continues describing Mortgage Insurance as a very powerful tool if you know how to use it. The learner explores the features and benefits of 6 available Mortgage Insurance options through an Engage interaction. Then applies the options to Josh’s loan.

STARS Overview

Developed using Articulate this eLearning was designed for new hires. The course introduces the user to STARS, a vendor that supplies credit, appraisal, and flood certificate services, as well as different roles that interact with STARS. Using a play on words the course starts in a planetarium where the user explores the night sky.  Each constellation shares not only their Greek mythology but relates to a service that STARS provides.

Pegasus: Not only do I carry the thunderbolts of Zeus but springs of water erupt from the ground where my hoofs strike. Homes must be protected from my tremendous power of water. Every home requires a Flood Certificate that denotes what flood zone the property is in and if flood insurance is required. STARS provides flood certificates for all loans and manages any customer disputes.

Systems Demonstrations

Developed in Captivate, using the department template, this demonstration was designed for a Closer working on the Encompass system. This demonstration walks the learner through the steps of the coordinating task aid.

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